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With a clear vision to innovate for easing life and an integrated track record of working for the betterment of World Health and Consciousness through holistic principles in management and medical research, Dr. Vecram Addithyen is blessed with certain World Transforming Discoveries that are in the threshold of making rapid changes in the way we deal with health, disease and world peace.

He has been  conferred with the award for “Enlightened Leadership” by the Maharishi University of Management in the Netherlands (November 2007).  He is currently focused in discovering the unifying principles that are the structuring dynamics of cosmos, which includes the Human Physiology with particular reference to Neurosciences and Archae-Astronomy.

The application of these interdisciplinary fields of research to management, innovation and entrepreneurship is a logical extension of his understanding of the human mind and its unlimited potential through the use of the science of creative intelligence, that helps tap the source of this entire material universe-the consciousness.

He had also served as Medical Sciences Professor, Ajman University of Science & Technology in United Arab Emirates.

His path-breaking World Transforming Discoveries has been presented to some of the world’s leading scientists and leaders, who have highly appreciated his work. He has been the key speaker in the European Assembly of Leaders of invincibility and also has presented the discoveries in the Global Administrators Conference, held in the Netherlands. Importantly he has been guided by the then President of India, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam in Rashtrapathi Bhavan, when the World Transforming Discovery was presented to him.

Education and Certifications

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Post Graduation in Medicine

MD in Physiology in Annamalai University, Chidambaram, the Land of the Cosmic Dance, India, which is known as the seat of Consciousness in Ancient Indian Sciences.

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PG Diploma in Yogic Sciences

Center for Yoga Studies, Annamalai University, TN, India

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His graduation of the MBBS program was from Madras University, India.

Discovery Presented in European Assembly

 Practice of Medicine is an Art


World's Unique Unifying Discovery

Dr. Sathesh’s Discovery  can be understood when one has had the opportunity to know of the path breaking discovery, that the Human Physiology is an expression of Veda and Vedic Literature by Prof. Tony Nader M.D., Ph.D., under the guidance of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has had far insights into the holistic functioning of a universe and had decades back categorically stated that the Veda is the basis of the Physical human body and has also predicted the present scientific developments in the realm of Quantum Physics. Also, with reference to the present discovery of Dr. Satish, in one of Maharishi’s book, “ The Doctor’s forum, of Natural law & national law”, Maharishiji had long back stated that the Physical shape of India is the spiraling shape of RIK Veda. The total potential of Natural law has expressed itself in the shape of India. RIK Veda forms the physiology of India, RIK Veda gives a physiological structure to India.

Thanks to the great work of Prof. Tony Nader, which proves scientifically that the impulses of RIK Veda represents the Holistic functioning of the physiology, particularly the Nervous system, Dr. Sathesh could look for and successfully correlate most of the ancient temples in the land of India with neurological centers in the Brain, and thus give scientific validation to Maharishiji’s words.

Dr. Sathesh says that basically even the outline map of the ancient undivided India resembles the shape of the Human Brain in its sagittal view. He adds on that India has been known as the land of Vedas, not alone for its traditional role in preserving the Vedas by the chanting Vedic pundits, but primarily for the fact that its geography, as Maharishiji’s Quote indicates, has been etched out by the very same cosmic forces, whose impulses forms the human Physiology too.

When the above mentioned facts are viewed in the context of the recent discovery of the UNIFIED FIELD by Modern Science as the basis of all laws of nature, it could be conjectured that holy pilgrimage centers with temples are situated in “Active Spots” where tremendous cosmic forces are at play since eternity, whose structuring intelligence forms and operates the corresponding centers in our nervous system. In common terminology the word “grace” has been used to denote the enlivening aspect of the cosmic forces, which has been radiating life supporting qualities and nourishing the physiology of individuals, coming with in its vicinity.

Of particular significance is Prof. Tony Nader’s observation in his work, which states that reading particular sections of Veda & Vedic literature could enliven the corresponding parts in our Physiology. If the foresaid is true, then undertaking pilgrimages to ancient shrines of different Vedic deities, situated in cosmically strategic spots could also accomplish the same, for RIK Veda is at the basis of our human Physiology and it is that which gives a physiological structure to India too. This is how undertaking pilgrimages  which has been a part of the traditions of all religions since the ancient times, enlivens the corresponding neurological correlate in our physiology, besides promoting general well being, thus largely preventing and even curing ailments.

This is supported by references in Ayurveda - especially the CHARAKA SAMHITA. In it, Daiva Vyapashraya - Divine or religious therapy includes pilgrimages (Gamana) among other subtle religious methods to ward off negative influence and to promote those which are good.