Cellabrity Consult

Let us explore what you will experience as a Celebrity

The Blue Print

Let us get on the path of Healing with Grace

Welcome to a world of exclusivity.

We all need attention.

From kids to elderly folks, we love the places where we are cared attentively.

We like a coffee shop if someone there, though not the boss, may be even a waiter, gives his attention and treats us exclusively.
People pay more than three times the fare to be pampered by the comforts of business class which includes  the exclusive attention of the air hostesses during the journey for the same destination.  We even like a boring subject if the teacher happens to give his/her attention on us as an individual.
Attention can mean so much, even when we are in a healthy state. How much more attention can mean, when we are in dis-ease. Many times it could be a question of life or death.

Understanding the power of attention, we have designed the Celebrity Class Consultation in our Clinics.
Celebrities are not worth their name if the perceiver is ignorant of their value. So celebrities are made not by their talent alone. Majorly it is the loving attention of the common man that creates celebrities. It is no understatement if we say that Celebrities are made by our attention. And in our clinics we give attention. We give attention on YOU. Yes truly YOU are a celebrity for us.

What is the actual process of consultation?

About the time of consultation:
It is a must that the consultation time is not squeezed between your busy time schedules dictated by other commitments. You have to be prepared to devote quality time with your doctor without having been exhausted by prior hectic schedules or in anxiety to catch up with an appointment after the consultation.

Always you are given an appropriate time that helps us to assess you in totality and instruct you to certain techniques that aids you in your recovery process. Hence it is important to come at the fixed time for the consultation, for it is fixed bio-compatibly with circadian rhythms.

As you arrive to the consultation with a prefixed appointment, you are welcomed into a homely atmosphere. As you relax and freshen up, you are gently introduced to the concept of TRUE HEALTH CARE by a video presentation.

Your Ayurvedic body type constitution and current status of health is assessed by PULSE READING (NADI VIGYAN).

General Stress Check: Through a simple gadget called the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) Meter, we assess your general response to life’s day to day challenges. It is a good indicator of the level of activation of the body’s coping mechanisms i.e. the Autonomic Nervous System.

Life Style Scan:
You are guided through The Life Style Assessment sheets that reveal more details about why and how you have got to your current state. The Life Style Scan is the most important part and is both diagnostic & therapeutic. As you are guided through the pages on assessing your daily schedule of activities, you will understand precisely the transgressions of natural laws that have occurred. Knowing the real cause of dis-eases is of course the first step to spontaneous healing, for the purpose of life is to experience and realize our unity with nature. After all the word ‘Doctor’ is derived from the Latin term ‘Doctere”, which simply means ‘To Teach’

Mahatma Gandhi in fact had commented once that “Hospitals are institutions for propagating sin”. He reasoned that mere administering of medicines without inculcating the knowledge as to why an individual suffered from an illness leaves him without learning the lessons that nature intended to teach. This is an indirect encouragement to repeat the mistake and thus an avenue to propagate sin.

The Life Style Scan includes assessment of your daily routine, in depth assessment of your dietary habits, evolutionary & anti-evolutionary activity assessment, Sleep assessment, Sunlight exposure, Relationship assessment and a basic assessment of your residence & place history.

We recommend you to come to the consultation with your spouse, parent or guardian, whenever possible.

As we begin to understand your condition and as you begin to heave a sigh of relief, we commence our next phase of evidence based instant healing through bio-feedback based gadgets.

Heart Rate Variability based Em Wave, which has been pioneered by Heart Math Inc, USA, measures your coherence in the nervous system. It is an excellent sensitive indicator of your body’s health state in terms of coherence between your head and the heart.

A high coherence reflects positive health and a poor coherence indicates the need to correct our life style.
The HRV test, BP and the GSR stress test are repeated when you are engaged in common day to day activities like TV viewing, while working on a Laptop or while playing a video game and while relaxing.

This experience is really an effective teacher in that, it has been observed that individuals are truly inspired to change their life style for good as they literally see how simple activities either stress or relax their system.  In diabetics we help you learn how certain physical activities can drastically reduce your blood sugar by way of measuring blood sugar after different activities.

Similarly blood pressure measurements are repeated in various postures and absolutely in a serene atmosphere to reveal to you the simple secrets of inherent healthy mechanisms that normalizes any high readings, thus relieving your anxiety.  

During this process of knowing your biological systems we gently ease you to right breathing techniques and relaxation techniques that instantly show favorable results that are visible on the bio-feedback gadgets. With your confidence brimming, you begin to appreciate how beautiful is your mind and body.

And we smile with the joy of having initiating another self-healing spark in a life that God has created to live in bliss. Fear and guilt are private emotions that are self-generated in response to our personal bad choices. We believe that it doesn’t play a role in a doctors healing touch. We firmly believe that instilling faith and hope in the self and almighty is the bounden duty of a doctor who intends to heal.

Certain medical tests could be recommended to help us to make you convinced about certain aspects of life style that needs urgent attention. But in most cases we prefer to avoid much exposure to damaging radiations or procedures that could be unpleasant to you.
Also we advise you to take the services of a special program called Radicheck. For any disease state, assessment of our immediate environment at our offices and residences is a must. Without knowing the bio-​compatibility of our living environment, the individual’s assessment is merely half done.

As part of the tuning of your mind set towards healing, we encourage you to see and hear other success stories of intelligent self-healing, that we have aided. 

For CELEBRITIES with long standing and multiple problems we advise a higher dimension of healing program – The Life Mapping Program which involves consultants from different fields, including experts from Medical Astrology, Nameology | Numerology, etc and other specially endowed individuals who could speed up your healing process.  

And finally we gift you with the Life Style Prescription which is just a short encoding of your experience on a sheet of paper. The True Life Style Prescription has become part of you. It has begun its work and with earnest prayers we wish you blossom to your divine potential.

Importantly we humbly thank God and you for having provided an opportunity to bring a CELEBRITY back to his/her flow. Aren’t we truly blessed to be part of this glorious creation?  Yes we are and we truly realize the significance of gratitude in our progress.

Thanking you for reading this introduction to CELEBRITY CLASS Consultation. Wishing to see you soon.

With Regards,

Dr. Sathesh (aka) Vecram Addithyen, MD
Consultant Physiologist - Life Style Medicine, UFA World Clinics.