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Intellect Detox

Prime Time Program

Breaking open the shell of wrong perspectives is more vital than having the right medicines at the critical times, for it is the perspectives that determine what you choose.

90 Minutes in 1 session

$ 314

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Priority Annual Program

100 X more powerful than CT, MRI, PET Scan in identifying Lifestyle Risk Factors. More than 100 determinants are uniquely decoded scientifically to remove potential causes of Lifestyle diseases

60 Minutes in 1 session


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Lifestyle Prescription

The Ultimate Healing Platform

The one prescription that can save you from many other routine drug prescriptions for your lifetime. 

Perfected over 3 Hours in 1 Month


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Inner Glow

Lifestyle Program for Grace & Beauty

Naughty Nutty to Brainy Kids

Brain Development Lifestyle Program

Beat the Blues

Anti-Depression & Anti-Anxiety Lifestyle Program

White Minds & Plain Hearts

Transcend Addictions - Substance Abuse to Socia Media


What is the best Entertainment Activity for your Body Mind Type ? How to time it with your work schedule ?


Percision Holistic Nutrition Plan tailor made for each individual in the family.


What is the best time and best activity suited to the geography, age and health status ?


Optimum use of technology with Safety Shields for a Healthy Environment.

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